A Paradigm Shift and the Intellimethods Answer

Our Answer

We specialize in helping educational institutions implement the right blend of technical solutions and a long-term, sustained approach with a multidisciplinary team to strengthen cognitive and non-cognitive skills across all age ranges. Our approach is scientific and research driven; our solutions are both scalable and affordable. Our team encompasses a diverse mix of professionals, including seasoned and renowned career educators as well as progressive young scientists. We specialize in helping educational institutions test their systems and develop implementation strategies to increase student achievement at all levels of instruction.

Where we are

Public education as we know it is a relatively new phenomenon. What began largely as a system of rote memorization has evolved tremendously in recent years, incorporating advanced methodologies and innovative approaches that are changing the way we learn. This critical shift was led by a consensus of educators, governmental authorities, and scholars who have collectively produced a growing body of evidence showing that success for our students and communities goes beyond teaching for purely academic understanding.


Our mission is to develop the untapped potential of every individual and community by ensuring that they have equal access to education and that our friends, family, and fellow citizens grow up with the social, emotional, and cognitive development to thrive in the new millennium.