The philosophy can be summarized in six key pillars

Holistic Strategies – We believe in taking a holistic and realistic approach to education that touches on all important aspects of a child or adult learner’s development. This means using age-appropriate strategies to support the development of the right kinds of skills at the right time.

Doing What Works – We now find ourselves in an incredible information age, and we take advantage of this fact by searching for solutions that have already been implemented and thoroughly and evaluated using rigorous standards. We specialize in taking proven interventions and adapting them to fit local needs and customs.

Knowledge Sharing – Intellimethods is eager to share the valuable information and insights we’ve gained with regard to successful development strategies or challenges, and we look forward to learning from the experiences of educators and research colleagues as well. Knowledge sharing dramatically increases our collective capacities to foster long-term, sustainable, and inclusive community development.

A Multidisciplinary Approach – A truly holistic approach to reform education and your program requires a multidisciplinary strategy. This enhances the way we conceptualize existing developmental gaps as well as the blends of strategies that we can use to correct them. While this list is by no means exhaustive, the main disciplines that Intellimethods draws upon are education, economics, psychology, cognitive science, neurology, sociology, and the science of human development.

Evaluation and Transparency – Given the large strides made in the social sciences over the course of the 20th century, there is no excuse for neglecting to test program efficacy using the appropriate evaluation methodology.

Community Collaboration – No single organization can, by itself, solve the myriad challenges of a given community. This is why working together, and recognizing how each of our strengths and weaknesses can complement or supplement each other as we work toward our shared goal of community development, is a critical ingredient for success.