Adult ED Services

Adult ED and WIOA – A system in flux

Adult education is a complex landscape of centers large and small that cater to a diverse group of learners. Many new strategies are being developed and considered, from curriculum and digital learning initiatives, to performance-based outcomes. These new strategies require flexible, scalable, and sustainable solutions. Intellimethods adult education services are designed to cater to these multifaceted needs, helping programs streamline their processes and expand their proficiency in many directions.

Case Management and Improving Retention

Case management for adult education in the 21st century is a new and fluid phenomenon that has risen to the forefront with the passage of WIOA. By enhancing, improving, and in many cases starting case management activities, services to all students will be improved. Enhanced case management requires two things: technology efficiencies designed to increase case management efficacy, and staff training for case managers. Intellimethods Solutions will help train case managers, while at the same time providing technical efficiencies.

Questions for our Adult Ed Partners

  • Does your WIOA implementation seem successful?

  • Is your case management solution effective?

  • Do you have access to data that’s actionable?

  • Is your professional development sustainable?


  • Intellimethods Core – Screening System

  • Career Pathway Pack

  • Tech Lit Pack

  • Achievement Data Pack

  • Adult Ed PM Pack (Process Management)