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A Paradigm Shift – The Title Wave

A paradigm shift in case management is gaining momentum across our country, and in fact around the entire planet. This is the result of academic consensus, successful approaches backed by longitudinal studies, and improved technologies. In the 21st century, case management is already much different than it was in the second half of the 20th century. This paradigm shift is sending shockwaves across institutions that deliver social services. Fortunately, Intellimethods Solutions has case management technologies and training to help.

Case Management Science in the 21st century

The training curriculum for social scientists is undergoing a massive shift as a result of academic consensus from the mid-1990s. These new social scientists, who generally call themselves case workers, have been trained in data-driven approaches that incorporate new techniques and a clear understanding of what works and what does not work based on a multitude of longitudinal studies. These approaches leverage the evolving role of technology to make case management more effective and efficient, providing greater value at a lower cost. The Intellimethods Case Management System puts our team of scientists, technologists, education experts, and process management experts to work on each engagement to assist with these new 21st century techniques.

Questions for our Case Management Partners

  • Is your case management solution effective?

  • Do have a data rich client profile with psychometric measurements immediately?

  • Do you have the proper technical solution to capture all data types digitally and grade? psychometric scales automatically?

  • Is your case management training effective?


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