Education and Career Readiness


Social services are deployed in many different ways across the country, from traditional workforce solution centers to one-stop solution centers delivering educational programs, job placement, job skills training, and many other social services. Intellimethods can help in a number of ways — to improve efficiency in data gathering and reporting, enhance communication between each program and its community employers and businesses, and to support the expansion of educational and employability skills via digital and distance learning.


The Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA) is a game changer in the adult education world. Whether you’re a state director or a teacher in the field, the ways in which you operate are being tested by WIOA. The Intellimethods team understands these challenges. We have developed a collection of services to meet these new demands, providing technical solutions, cutting-edge professional development, and process management, all implemented with a sustainable long-term model.

Higher Education

The higher education field has also come under pressure from WIOA to refocus its programs of study to emphasize career pathways leading to certifications, employability skills, and employment routes reflective of industry demands. Intellimethods can help higher education institutions navigate these new pressures. Our solutions are adaptable to support the performance outcomes targeted by your program, state, or regional entity, providing focused support for technology, data for action and accountability, and professional development in digital learning and process management.


The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) greatly decentralizes accountability requirements and also gives teachers an increased stake in the process. The use of nonacademic outcomes as measures of school progress presents educators with an opportunity to reshape the ways school performance is measured. Let us help you take advantage of these changes and navigate an accountability framework that is still evolving. Intellimethods can support your school and district through the growing pains of articulating performance outcomes, targeting impediments to a successful outcome, and implementing technology tools and resources focused on process management, sustainable digital learning, and professional development.