Higher ED Services


Higher education programs can occur in multiple formats, including career training certificate programs, community colleges, and four-year institutions. Students may be on campus, remote, or participating with a hybrid model. Despite these differences, higher education programs must not only engage students, but also retain students through graduation and support their pathway to employment. SMRT solutions are designed to help support these challenges, offering process management and professional development to reinforce retention efforts to keep students engaged while combating student attrition. Our solutions also guide and assist your program in expanding their student and case management services and data model so that staff members can quickly and insightfully respond to student needs to guide the toward their goals.

Services for Higher Education

The services we offer to Higher Education Programs are:

  • Big Data Solutions

  • Process and Case Management

  • Digital and Distance Learning Implementation Support

  • Insightful Data Tools


  • SMRT Core

  • Career Pathway Pack

  • Technical Literacy Pack

  • Achievement Data Pack

  • Distance Learning Program Pack