K-12 Services


Regardless of your state, the landscape is made up of school districts organized by county, town, city, or geographic border. Each school district faces different performance outcomes depending on federal, state, and local guidelines, as well as different challenges in developing, expanding, and refining processes and implementations at the micro and macro level. Intellimethods Solutions can support your program with process management and data tools. Intellimethods can help schools and/or districts transform endless piles of paperwork into a seamless digital pathway that aggregates data into effective and useful custom dashboards for data-driven decision making. Intellimethods has flexible and sustainable solutions customized around your immediate and long-term needs that include professional development, digital programming, and/or student intervention through data insights.

K-12 SEL Strategies

Case management for adult education in the 21st century is a new and fluid phenomenon that has risen to the forefront with the passage of WIOA. By enhancing, improving, and in many cases starting case management activities, services to all students will be improved. Enhanced case management requires two things: technology efficiencies designed to increase case management efficacy, and staff training for case managers. Intellimethods Solutions will help train case managers, while at the same time providing technical efficiencies.

Services for K-12

  • Insightful Data Tools

  • Process and Case Management

  • Professional Development and Training

  • Digital and Distance Learning Implementation Support 


  • Intellimethods Core

  • Technical Literacy Pack

  • Achievement Data Pack

  • Professional Learning Communities (PLC) Pack