Workforce Services

WIOA – A Game Changer

Workforce centers are a key community fixture for individuals at many stages of their employment career. The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) has introduced a host of new opportunities in the workforce training space. These new opportunities require new approaches, and the Intellimethods team has developed a series of highly focused solutions designed to increase efficiencies, communication, and data sharing among community partners. Intellimethods Case Management solutions include new technologies and high-quality training for enhanced and improved client management.

Workforce Employability – Soft Skills Matter

Workforce readiness programs face many challenges; providing the right blend of solutions that make enduring and meaningful changes in client outcomes is as difficult as it is complex. While many programs across the country are teaching workforce employability skills, everyday practices like resilience, empathy, and conflict resolution can be critical to maintaining positive relationships and following through on tasks. Substantial evidence now indicates that non-cognitive skills improve long term labor market outcomes. Intellimethods will help train client managers to make every point of contact count with clients.

Questions for our Workforce Partners

  • Do your WIOA partners have access to a common database and dashboard?

  • Could your program benefit from enhanced communication by using a shared vocabulary?

  • No matter which partner the client starts with, can you ensure a consistent experience?

  • What plans do you have to meet the new WIOA demands for improved case management?


  • Intellimethods Core – Partner Link System

  • Case Management Pack

  • Client Manager Pack

  • Data Comm Pack

  • Tech Lit Pack